Why DirecTV Won Against Cable

When we moved into a new house, the kids were really excited for mainly one reason. It meant that we would finally be able to have more than a couple of TV channels available to use. It seems in today’s times, it is impossible for any home to not have access to hundreds of television channels, but we fell between all the cracks in our old house. Cable did not go that far out in the country, and there were too many trees for satellite. When we moved, I looked at the best tv options available for us, because I have to admit that I was excited that we were going to get more TV channels too.

I compared everything between DirecTV and the cable company in the area where we moved, and there really was no comparison after just a minute of looking at the differences. While we would have been more than happy with the cable company after having no TV for a while, it still paled in comparison to what DirecTV could offer us. Since we were new customers, we were given several promotional deals that the cable company just could not match.

While their equipment and installation were free as well, the other charges were more expensive. We get quite a few more channels with DirecTV than we would have with the cable company, and the price is lower even though there is more. I locked in a great deal for savings for two years. Even after that promotional time is up, the prices are still very reasonable and lower than what the cable company wants to charge. The equipment is better, we get free channels for a limited time like HBO, Cinemax and Starz, and we also get the Sunday Ticket for free too for our first year. Cable can’t even begin to compete with that!

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