Magazines for Our Church Family

When I got the idea to organize a magazine for our church, everyone else got pretty excited too. We decided that we would put one out every three months. The reason we only wanted to do four per year was so we could have professional magazine printing in Brisbane done. We wanted to make the magazine a real one rather than just a few pages of content on computer paper that is stapled together. We wanted the real deal, and we knew that we could have quality editions by only having four published per year.

The first thing I had to do was decide which printer I was going to use for this. There are a few different ones in the region, so I went to each one’s website to see what they offer. None were able to give exact prices right on the site, but I was able to get a free quote from all of them. When Uniprint QLD emailed back with the quote, I was really happy with what I saw. They were the most affordable, and I really liked their enthusiasm as well. It was really a no brainer to go with them.

I also liked their different options for having a magazine printed. I was able to choose the size that I wanted, along with the format. I chose one that was readily available, but it was nice that they would have custom made one for me if I was not happy with what was there. I was also able to choose the binding that I wanted, so I chose the saddle stitching. It did not take them long to get the magazine printed for us once we had everything to them, and it looked absolutely beautiful. It has been such a blessing to so many that we are going to do it every two months instead of every three!

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