I Wanted to Have Good Numbers

I know that numbers are the only thing that matters when it comes to music careers. Everyone has seen mediocre talent go all the way to the top because they are managed perfectly. Talent does matter somewhat, and a person’s looks does too, but this is nothing if it is not managed properly. I am a rapper, but I am not known beyond my immediate area, but that is changing pretty fast right now. Why it is changing is pretty interesting too. My music is on Datpiff, and all I had to do was buy Datpiff streams to show others that my music is getting attention by others.

Instead of looking at my music and judging it on its own merit, people first have to see that others feel that it is worthy too. That is the main rule of the game that musicians play, and I knew that I had to find a way to get myself noticed even before people really heard what I was putting out there. I found Datpiff a while ago, and I knew that this social platform was going to be the way that I would be able to reach a large number of people.

It didn’t take away the fact that I had to have the numbers to make this happen. I could have the best album on the site, but if only my family and friends listened to it, I would not last long at all there. For me, I always look at the albums that a lot of people have streamed or downloaded, because that means it is really good. That is when I decided to buy my own streams and downloads, so I could skip a few of the steps. I know that when people actually get to listen to what I have done, they will stay because of what they hear rather than the numbers. That is all that matters.

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