Call in the Pros when You Are in over Your Head

My husband and his buddies think they can fix anything. And in most cases, they really can. Each of them has a lot of expertise in fixing and making things. But when we had trouble with our plumbing system recently, I told my husband that he really should call a plumber in Morris County NJ to help us. He wishes he would have listened to me now!

First, we were having trouble with our sewer system, and then our air conditioning broke and our fridge stopped refrigerating properly as well. This would be too much work to handle at once for any one person to handle in most cases, and my husband is no different. After all, we have 5 children and he also works full time. But he wanted to try to tackle everything on his own instead.

He started with the plumbing issue first, but he really could not figure out what the problem was, despite working on it for two days. In the meantime, it was getting very hot out and we needed the A/C fixed quickly. Feeding a family of 7 by trying to store and refrigerate food in a small Styrofoam cooler doesn’t work well either. So, he moved on from the plumbing and tried to tackle the fridge and A/C problems at the same time.

Before we knew it, our toilet backed up and overflowed all over the floor. He knew he was in over his head when the kids and I told him that he should have called in an expert in the first place, and he would be the one responsible for cleaning the floor! He cleaned everything up and got on the phone immediately to call a company, and they sent someone right over. After just a few hours, he fixed our system and now we have no more worries about that. Maybe next time my husband will listen!

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